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A Readers’ Advisory Podcast about becoming better library staff by reading every genre, whether we like them or not! Every month we read books from a new, randomly picked genre; then on the podcast we discuss our reading choices, experiences, opinions, appeal factors, and other related topics as friends and library workers.

Nov 21, 2017

This episode, Dystopian Fiction! And some of us are considerably more excited about it than others. We talk about the difference between oppressive and consumerist dystopias, how things that were shocking or innovative in fiction in the past may no longer be seen as such, and whether we live in a dystopia. Plus! Special guest senior foreign correspondent, Amanda, reporting in after being undercover in the overthereland!

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In this episode

Anna Ferri | Meghan Whyte | Matthew Murray | Jessi | Amanda Wanner

Dystopian books we read for the podcast

Other dystopian books we mentioned

Links, Articles, and Things


  • Do you think our current world is a dystopia?
  • I live in a dystopia, what should I do?
  • What counts as dystopia?
    • Is all post-apocalyptic fiction dystopian?
    • Is all cyberpunk fiction dystopian?
  • Any alternative history dystopic recommendations?
  • Why would you/would you not describe historical events/books as dystopias?
  • Please write a 1000+ word essay on the relationship between Christian dispensationalism and the Western dystopian literary history. I will send you special mail?!
  • What book recommendations do you have for someone living in a dystopia?
  • What goes on the Book Club for Masochists bingo sheet?

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