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A Readers’ Advisory Podcast about becoming better library staff by reading every genre, whether we like them or not! Every month we read books from a new, randomly picked genre; then on the podcast we discuss our reading choices, experiences, opinions, appeal factors, and other related topics as friends and library workers.

Oct 4, 2016

This episode we tackle a fantasy genre for the first time and once again ponder the question “How much history do you really want in your historical [genre]?” We encounter a lot of ghosts and westerns, but not nearly enough luchadores, wonder how steampunk fits into Historical Fantasy, and discuss the importance of research, the appeal of setting, and how authentic we should expect historical fiction to be in regards to race and gender. Plus: We say goodbye to Amanda :’(

Your Hosts This Episode

Anna Ferri | Meghan Whyte | Matthew Murray



Did Not Finish

Other Books and Comics by order of mention:



  • Are you powerfully attracted to or repelled by the fantasy genre and whyever for?
  • Do you like your historical fantasy historical-ish with an extra helping of fantasy or light on the fantasy and heavy with history?
  • How far did we stray from your definition of Historical Fantasy in our reading this month?
  • What is your dream historical fantasy period/style?

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Join us again on Tuesday, October 18th, when we discuss Self Help!