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A Readers’ Advisory Podcast about becoming better library staff by reading every genre, whether we like them or not! Every month we read books from a new, randomly picked genre; then on the podcast we discuss our reading choices, experiences, opinions, appeal factors, and other related topics as friends and library workers.

Sep 21, 2021

This episode we’re discussing Piranesi by Susanna Clarke! Major spoiler warning for this episode as we talk about a lot of various plot points! (Though we don’t reveal everything.) There’s an extra spoiler siren immediately before we start diving into the plot in depth.

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Aug 17, 2021

This week it’s another episode where we talk about Media We’ve Recently Enjoyed! We talk about woman’s basketball, resource mining, musicals, translations, and more! 

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Jul 20, 2021

This episode it’s the first part of our 2021 Battle of the Books! We’re each pitching a book that we think we should all read and discuss, and you get to decide which one we read! We talk about pombies, wooden book clubs, friendship, and more! Plus: Digressions about superheroes!

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May 18, 2021

This episode we’re discussing the dreaded Did Not Finish! We talk about why we don’t finish books, specific titles we didn’t finish, why not finishing books can be good, what “finishing” a book even means, how you “finish” a cross-media property, and returning to books we stopped reading. Plus:...

Apr 20, 2021

This episode we’re discussing Media (and Noodles) We’ve Recently Enjoyed! We talk about spicy noodles, which Dakota is our least favourite state, fictional planets that totally suck, tenuous connections, flexing over signed books, vaccine envy, podcast synergy, and why you should mail us an envelope filled with five...