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A Readers’ Advisory Podcast about becoming better library staff by reading every genre, whether we like them or not! Every month we read books from a new, randomly picked genre; then on the podcast we discuss our reading choices, experiences, opinions, appeal factors, and other related topics as friends and library workers.

Apr 17, 2018

In this 80 minute episode we talk about Essay Collections! We get into some deep topics this time, talking about precarity, race relations, and cultural differences between Canada and the USA. We also wonder if it’s possible to find books about feminism that blow your mind when you’re already familiar with the idea. Plus! The three kinds of CanLit and knowing what a zine isn’t.

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In this episode

Anna Ferri | Meghan Whyte | Matthew Murray | RJ

Books We Read This Month

Other Media and Authors We Mention

Links, Articles, and Things

  • Book Riot Insiders Forum
  • Hogan's Alley, Vancouver
    • “Hogan's Alley was the first and last neighbourhood in Vancouver with a substantial concentrated black population.”
  • What Is CanLit? by Douglas Coupland
    • “CanLit is when the Canadian government pays you money to write about life in small towns and/or the immigration experience. If the book is written in French, urban life is permitted, but only from a nonbourgeois viewpoint.”


  • What’s the difference between essays and chapters?
  • Is a blog post an essay?
  • How long can an essay be?
  • Is long form journalism an essay?
  • Is a journal issue an essay collection?
  • Do you like it when authors use personal and self-reflective frameworks as part of the essay format?
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